Saturday, September 30, 2017

Amnesia Haze Listening Party - 10/5

Amnesia Haze LP listening party
Thursday Oct. 5 9:30 OM
Cafe Mustache 2313 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL.
Join the Velcro Lewis Group as we celebrate the release of our 5th full album, AMNESIA HAZE. 
We'll be dropping the needle on side A sometime between 9:30 and 10. 

The whole damn band will be there offering unsolicited fashion advice, judging your bf, carrying on about Deep Purple/Missy Elliot/Xymox/Eddie Hazel, etc. it'll be great! 

We'll have LPs on hand for purchase & some other b.s.
See you there!

Monday, September 25, 2017


-.-.-.-.-.Listen to "CASTLES WILL FALL" from our upcoming record -.-.-.-.-.

Our newest LP, Amnesia Haze, is available for pre-order.
Street date 10/6/17 Safety Meeting Records. Tell your local record store that they'd be doing everyone a solid by carrying VLG stuff. We're certain that they'd agree.

GO HERE to order now and sweat it out until the release date.

 Here's what you need to know...
On their 5th full length album, Amnesia Haze, the group set out to deal with some serious shit. The band entered the studio 2 days after the Presidential election. With disgust and uncertainty driving the session the lyrics had changed and the performances intensified. What was once abstractly political had become unapologetically direct. Racial violence, gun violence, police violence, street harassment, xenophobia, fascism, feminism, every point of rage and discourse the country was feeling. Patriarchal Reptile, a free-noise piece voiced by Theremin player Alison Hunger, was recorded and added to the album last minute as a response to the thin-skinned gynophobiac set to lead our country. Amnesia Haze is a cry for unity and awakening  from a band sick of fucking around.

-----------GUESS WHAT ELSE!!!--------------

We'd like to introduce to you our brand new drummer, Ascension 'Izzy' Price!
You may know Izzy from drumming in the Phone Calls, Die Time, Disrobe, and as the leader of get Up With The Get Downs. And as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
our songwriting has intensified and the jams rival the atom-splitting power of Sern Labs. Welcome to the cult, Izzy!

-----------GUESS WHAT ELSE!!--------

We're opening for NIK TURNER'S HAWKWEED on 10/23 at Reggie's in Chicago!
Get your tickets HERE as soon as you can!

That is all for now.
Stay safe, lock arms, and tell them all to fuck off...


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

An Inauguration Day Message....


On Martin Luther King, Jr., day we commemorate the Presidential Inauguration of Donald J. Trump and the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. by streaming 2 new songs by the Velcro Lewis Group. 
The future-funk anthem, “Free”, calls out Trump and the blood thirsty racists that love him. “Patriarchal Reptile” is an abrasive feminist rant aimed at the puny pussy-grabbers who’s superiority complexes mask their true fear; women. 

As the Trump regime begins to dig its disease-ridden claws into our nation’s freedom many of us fear for our health and safety. The Republican agenda has been crafted to oppress the rights of black and brown people, women, LGBT, and the disabled. The rest of the country will become collateral damage while the GOP scorches the Earth. Before the eminent war on art begins and freedom of speech becomes a punchline the Velcro Lewis Group wanted to tell you something: The partys over. Now is not the time to stay in bed. Now is not the time to cry. It is time to call out every enemy that threatens our country. Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan, the NRA & the MRA, and every bastard in-between - we’re going to hold your feet to the fire until you listen or someday you'll fall into the flames.


The Trump agenda and the policies it embraces are now a horrifying reality, one that poses serious threats to the planet and millions of Americans...especially women, immigrants, refugees, all people of color, indigenous people, Muslims, LGBTQ Americans, and many others. That's why we've chosen to put together this phenomenal compilation of music from an enormo-array of BBiB artists, all who've provided a really wonderful, rare piece of music. All proceeds from this compilation will go to two organizations, the ACLU and Sierra Club, as they tirelessly fight for the rights of all walks of life and the future of the planet.