Friday, April 3, 2015

Velcro Falls Through The ClickHole

Did you see Velcro in this Onion/Clickhole video?

Velcro Lewis Group - They're Having A Party (official video)

Our video for THEY'RE HAVING A PARTY has been nominated for best music video in this year's CIMMFest.

The screening will be April 17 at the Society for the Arts.

The program will begin at 10:45. Tickets are available at CIMMFest website.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jingle Jangle Morning Remix Party!

Everyone loves a remix. Whether its the extended club-dub 12 inch mix of Shannon’s “Let The Music Play” to the first ever mash-up, “Rebel Without A Pause”, by The Evolution Control Committee, most weirdoes agree that remixes are fun. We hear at the Velcro Lewis Group could take ‘em or leave ‘em but we are intrigued by prospective madness our fans could create if given the right tools and a little encouragement.

In September, the Velcro Lewis Group released the single, “Jingle Jangle Morning.” The song has been a staple of the band’s live performance for years and honestly, we’re getting kind of bored with it. So, now seems like the perfect time to host a re-mix party!. Let’s breathe some new life into this jam.
“Sounds fun, right?”

We’ve made it easy to create your own mix of “Jingle Jangle Morning.”
Send an email HERE and we’ll send you a link to download the file folder. We will also send some words of encouragement to help you define your mix. Something like: “Rufus Thomas playing tennis in a spacesuit” or “High tea with a man-sized cockroach.” It’ll be your choice to follow our lead or not.

Once you’ve downloaded the folder:
·       Import each track into your favorite DAW (Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Tascam Portal, Audacity, etc).
·       Align the tracks and have at it!
·       Do WHATEVER you want with the content, we don’t care.
·       There are many ingredients to this mix so the possibilities are endless.
  • Mash it up
  • Add your own vocals or guitars
  • Rap over it
  • Dub-step it (whatever that means)
  • Mix it better than Velcro did for the original
  •  Work on it with your Gramma
  •   Whatever

We will create a digital album that will feature everyone’s mix (yes every single mix) and make it available for free download.

Deadline for submissions is April 5, 2015. (soft deadline)

Remix Party Preview

Don't worry, here's the original version...

And the commercial for the song...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Theme Song To "Now What?"(CW pilot)

When we were asked to write the theme to a new television pilot we didn’t know what to think.
All the we knew was that it was called, “NOW WHAT?” and that it was a sit-com featuring Jeremy Piven. The good people at the CW called us Thursday afternoon (Jan 15/last night) and wanted a demo by this afternoon (Friday Jan 16). So we spent 6 minutes on it and here’s what we came up with… 

Just 6 minutes after we submitted the song to the producer of the show we received this response:

-----Start Forwarded Message----------
Dear Velcro,
Thank you for the quick turnaround, however, coa ihouhf oihvhv 4345t v ojnsf kvgrn!???
I mean, nbidusuf ihvjshdfv ldfnfhkmlv 576785.

 Gina Morona
Diet of Diamonds Productions

Los Angeles, CA.


So.... goodbye, Hollywood. 
Download is free!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Whirlwind Music Video

We've launched a collaborative video project!
We jam all the time, endless hours of great material. Some of it too long, some of it too short, all of it outstanding.

In order to justify the release of these jams and to make it seem a little less self-indulgent, we've invited some of our favorite video artists to pair some image to our sounds.

First up we have "Whirlwind".
Frank Pollard made the video.
The band recorded the jam on December 11, 2014. Each jam will be recorded and composed live on the spot with as little overdubbing as possible (sometimes you've just got to add the vocoder after the fact. The jam sessions are recorded at Frogg Mountain Studios by John Forbes and Velcro Lewis.

We encourage everyone to turn the volume down on our videos and add your own soundtrack. Play Donnie Iris over it or something. The Magic Box always works!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Ain't No Quiet Storm -or- Upcoming SHows


Chicago, IL.
Cobra Lounge 9pm 21+
Velcro Lewis Group
Bionic Caveman
Thee Arthur Layne
rsvp here

CHicago, IL.
Empty Bottle 9pm 21+
Good Vybes Fest 2
Travers and Velcro DJ the Eye Vybe Records music festival
rsvp here

Rock Island, IL
Rozz-Tox QC 21+ 8pm
Just Let Go DJs
Velcro Lewis Group
Quad Cities Funk Party!
rsvp here

That's all we've got til next year!