"Your party being crashed for the better..."

Funk rock occultists, The Velcro Lewis Group, bring the harmonies of Motown, the groove of Stax, the drugs of Hawkwind, and the drive of Bohannon to their own LSD-laced barbecue of sound. Led by blind frontman, Velcro Lewis--along with 5-octave range singing drummer Hawk Colman, soul-injected guitarist Travers Gauntt, groove-hammering bassist Halden Spoonwood, and sonic menace Lawrence Peters on electric washboard and bass vocals--The Velcro Lewis Group seamlessly create ass-kicking future-funk rock n' roll. All aboard the spaceship Impala
White Magick Summer LP reviews-
“Imagine Robert Johnson approaching the crossroads with a bong and a copy of the first Frijid Pink record…” - Shindig!

"Velcro Lewis Group's "White Magick Summer" is full of veritable fist-pumpin, call-to-arms anthems, albeit drenched in a stoned haze and a truly rare commodity-- personality. Phil Hunger's jaw-dropping guitar spectrum (from chicken-pickin to feral blasts), Hawk Coleman's soaring soul-shouts, Velcro's biker gargles, topped off by Lawrence Peter's fierce washboard (yes, washboard) all makes for a satisfying psyched stew. "Steam Powered man" comes off like acid-era Chambers Brothers or maybe a more fully fleshed-out Death (from Detroit) on stimulants, as chugging washboard (yes washboard!) and overamped guitars (some stunning Tony Hill-like slide work too) drive the whole reverbed runaway train off the tracks. "Fall to Pieces" holds together nicely with a fried garagey keyboard line, while waves of wah wah and delayed background vocals cascade in and out. Electric Mud(dy) and late 60s Edwin Starr duke it out on "Half A Man" while a gang of rowdy bikers circle their cycles--then all are seemingly sucked into a vacuum during the space-out ending. "Trouble Down Below" has all the bluster of Steppenwolf and Mountain, but with a barreling bassline that will scare you shitless and some strange middle-eastern horns (synth?) that sends the whole thing into another universe—and that’s just side 1! Fiercely satisfying through and through." - Signal To Noise

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