Wednesday, June 17, 2015

John Forbes & Velcro Lewis Group - 'Tears Are Gone' Single & Video

Velcro Lewis Group made a record with John Vernon Forbes.
It was written and recorded on January 15,2015.
The first single is "Tears Are Gone."
The video was made by Suzy Mae.

Ok, those are the facts, now here's the truth...

We went into the studio to jam out some ideas for the next Velcro Lewis Group album.
Forbes was hanging out at Frogg Mountain smoking tea and tuning an electric piano with a ball peen.
Since we didn't want to kick him out (he is our buddy) we asked him to join us in our session.
The result is "Seismic Alphabet", 8 songs, 45 minutes long.
You know some folks use ALL the parts of the pig? Bacon, ham, feet, snout scrapple?
Well, we used every damn part of this session on this record.
Basically, all the songs were written on the spot with a little bit of overdubbing after the fact.
This album will show just how we operate.
We jam, give Hawk a mic while he drums, Velcro comes up with some silly theme for the jam and there's your cookie.

Seismic Alphabet will be released in July! CDS, tapes, download, VHS...
We had fun making it, you'll have fun sitting around and listening to it.

Advanced copies of Seismic Alphabet will be available for sale at PRFBBQ 6/19-21.
The band performs their PRF set 6/19 at Quencher's Saloon in Chicago.


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