Monday, December 29, 2014

Whirlwind Music Video

We've launched a collaborative video project!
We jam all the time, endless hours of great material. Some of it too long, some of it too short, all of it outstanding.

In order to justify the release of these jams and to make it seem a little less self-indulgent, we've invited some of our favorite video artists to pair some image to our sounds.

First up we have "Whirlwind".
Frank Pollard made the video.
The band recorded the jam on December 11, 2014. Each jam will be recorded and composed live on the spot with as little overdubbing as possible (sometimes you've just got to add the vocoder after the fact. The jam sessions are recorded at Frogg Mountain Studios by John Forbes and Velcro Lewis.

We encourage everyone to turn the volume down on our videos and add your own soundtrack. Play Donnie Iris over it or something. The Magic Box always works!

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