Friday, January 16, 2015

Theme Song To "Now What?"(CW pilot)

When we were asked to write the theme to a new television pilot we didn’t know what to think.
All the we knew was that it was called, “NOW WHAT?” and that it was a sit-com featuring Jeremy Piven. The good people at the CW called us Thursday afternoon (Jan 15/last night) and wanted a demo by this afternoon (Friday Jan 16). So we spent 6 minutes on it and here’s what we came up with… 

Just 6 minutes after we submitted the song to the producer of the show we received this response:

-----Start Forwarded Message----------
Dear Velcro,
Thank you for the quick turnaround, however, coa ihouhf oihvhv 4345t v ojnsf kvgrn!???
I mean, nbidusuf ihvjshdfv ldfnfhkmlv 576785.

 Gina Morona
Diet of Diamonds Productions

Los Angeles, CA.


So.... goodbye, Hollywood. 
Download is free!

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